Our Services



The French Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to act as a business community whose main purpose is to represent, advise, adapt, train, inform, innovate and monitor the various companies seeking share and penetrate new markets

Who we are:
We are a structure that brings together a skills group of professionals, experts and business leaders, French and Namibia. We have a voluntary legal status of law private. Our organization is composed of four bodies operational, namely:

– An Executive Committee, responsible for conducting policy Development of the room.

– An advisory council, which brings together experts from a Mission strategic thinking, support and assistance permanent advisor to the Executive Committee.

– A team of experts to participate, to lead, to follow to support the work of specialized committees.

– Work organized by industry, including:

Agriculture and agri-food industry, seafood,
fresh food, fish, fruits and vegetables, wine,
tourism, finance, investment, health and health services,
scientific research, ecology and sustainable development, culture,
training, education, communication and marketing services
audiovisual, cinema, logistics and transport.

Our Mission

• Promote commercial and industrial relations
two countries.

  • Have all relevant Namibian authorities reform
    or measures deemed necessary for the development of activities
    Trade and Industry with France and Namibia.
  • Provide business information to public enterprises
    and deprived of the two countries.
  • Ensure compliance with the industrial, commercial or
    intellectual in both countries.
  • Conduct market research and communication operations
    in order to promote Namibian exports to France and French in Namibia.
  • To provide business address, mail, internet,
    translations and paperwork.
  • Post trade proposals, offers and requests
  • To organize seminars, conferences and debates
    company of personalities as well as business meetings.

And generally engage in any activity relating to commercial and industrial business interests the two countries.
Regulatory Information:

import-export, implementation, creation of companies

– Market research, extensive literature study on sector
market or product.

– Contribute to regional development by supporting
companies working for export.

– Organisation of conferences, debates and seminars on
markets and professional business practices.

– Lobbying institutional strategic consulting.

Identifying prospects.
Commercial support.
Permanent presence. Implantation

– Prospecting.

– Organisation of missions.

– International support, consulting, export process,
accompaniment abroad on missions and exploration
visit salons.

– Organisation of promotional techniques conferences.

– Recruitment of sales force, research partners
contract, equity, etc.

– Professional and Institutional meetings.

– Training, Translation and interpreting services.

Legal Assistance and Information:
– Constitution of litigation cases

Expertise in import and export:

– Creation Records

Customs Law:
– Tariff Nomenclature (quotas)
– Customs Information
(origin, fee scales, safety standards)

Consumer Law:
– Any information on standards

European Law:
– Documentation (directives and European texts)
– Relationship with the European Commissions

Law of Industrial Property:
– Contact with the INPI
– Protection of Designs and Trademarks

Business Exchange
– Presentation of new opportunities
– Tenders

Business Intelligence
– By Industry
– Market Information